I am an astrophysicist specializing in the theory of galaxy formation and evolution. Currently a Troesh Scholar at Caltech and the Carnegie Observatories, I was a PBC Fellow in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem from 2016 to 2019, and got my PhD in astrophysics from Yale University in 2016. I study the interplay between galaxies and their hosting dark-matter halos using semi-analytic models and cosmological simulations, with an emphasize on halo substructure, galaxy morphology, and the properties of dwarf galaxies and satellite galaxies as testbeds of cosmology and feedback prescriptions.

SatGen: semi-analytic satellite galaxy generator


I develop a semi-analytic model ("SatGen") for generating satellite galaxy populations for host systems of desired halo mass, redshift, and environment.

Galaxy-halo connection


I study galaxy-halo connections using hydro-cosmological simulations.

Galaxy morphology


Sometimes I am an observer, and am interested in revealing the subtleties in galaxy structure and shape.


Dr. Fangzhou Jiang