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I am an astrophysicist specializing in the theory of galaxy formation and evolution. Currently an assistant professor at the Kavli Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics, Peking University (Boya Young Fellow), I was a Troesh Scholar at Caltech and jointly a Theory Fellow at the Carnegie Observatories, I was a PBC Fellow in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem from 2016 to 2019, obtained my PhD from Yale University in 2016, and graduated from the Kuang Yaming Honors School in Nanjing University in 2010. I study the interplay between galaxies and their hosting dark-matter halos using semi-analytic and numerical simulations, with an emphasis on halo substructure, galaxy morphology, and the nature of dark matter. I use dwarf galaxies and satellite galaxies as testbeds of cosmology and baryonic feedback.

SatGen: semi-analytic satellite galaxy generator


I develop a semi-analytic model ("SatGen") for generating satellite galaxy populations for host systems of desired halo mass, redshift, and environment, incorporating halo-response to baryon feedback.

Galaxy-halo connection


I study galaxy-halo connections using a variety of hydro-cosmological simulations.

Galaxy morphology


Sometimes I am an observer, and am interested in revealing the subtleties in galaxy structure and shape.

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