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Please click [here] for the pdf of my CV (updated in Oct. 2021), and [here] for an ADS library of my publications.

Education and Positions

Feb 2023 -  Assistant Professor, Peking University, KIAA
Jan 2020 - Dec 2022:  Troesh Postdoctoral Scholar at California Institute of Technology, jointly appointed as a Theory Fellow at the Carnegie Observatories (Pasadena) (collaborators: Phil Hopkins, Andrew Benson)
Oct 2016 - Dec 2019: PBC fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (faculty host: Avishai Dekel)
Sep 2010 - Jul 2016: PhD in astrophysics, Yale University (advisor: Frank van den Bosch)
Sep 2006 - Jul 2010: Bachelor of Science, Nanjing University (Kuang Yaming Honors School, thesis advisor: Qiusheng Gu, project advisor: Song Huang, Qiusheng Gu, Zongyun Li)

Honors and Awards

  • Troesh Scholarship (2020) -- Caltech

  • Rosenblem Prize for Good Research in Astrophysics (2018) -- Hebrew University

  • Brouwer Prize for Outstanding PhD thesis (2018) -- Yale University

  • PBC Fellowship (2017) -- The Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) of Israel

  • Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Graduate Students Abroad (2015) -- China Scholarship Concil

  • Pan Xueping Scholarship (2009) -- Nanjing University

  • Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program Award (2008) -- IIE and Goldman Sachs Foundation

Selected Publications

  • Danieli S., Greene J. E., Carlsten S., Jiang F., Beaton R., Goulding A. D., 2023, ApJ, 956, 6: ELVES. IV. The Satellite Stellar-to-halo Mass Relation Beyond the Milky Way [link]

  • Greene J. E., Danieli S., Carlsten S., Beaton R., Jiang F., Li J., 2023, ApJ, 949, 94: ELVES. III. Environmental Quenching by Milky Way-mass Hosts [link]

  • Liang Jinning, Jiang F.*, Danieli S., Benson A., Hopkins P., 2023, ApJ in press, arXiv: 2304.14431: Constrain the Dark Matter Distribution of Ultra-diffuse Galaxies with Globular-Cluster Mass Segregation: A Case Study with NGC5846-UDG1 [link]

  • Yang S.* Jiang F.*, Benson A., Zhong Y-M., Mace C., Du X., Carton Z. Z., Peter A. H. G., 2023, arXiv: 2305.05067: Constraining SIDM cross section models with a joint analysis of galaxies and clusters [link]

  • Jiang F.*, Benson A., Hopkins P. et al., 2023, MNRAS, 521, 4630: A semi-analytic study of self-interacting dark-matter haloes with baryons [link]

  • Slone O., Jiang F., Kaplinghat M., Lisanti M., 2023, PRD, 107, 043014, arXiv:2108.03243: Orbital Evolution of Satellite Galaxies in Self-Interacting Dark Matter Models [Link]

  • Dekel A., Freundlich J., Jiang F., et al., 2021,MNRAS, 508, 999: Core Formation in High-z Massive Haloes: Heating by Post Compaction Satellites and Response to AGN Outflows [Link]

  • Green J.E. et al. including Jiang F., 2021, ApJ, 917, 17: A Search for Wandering Black Holes in the Milky Way with Gaia and DECaLS [Link]

  • Shen X., Hopkins P. F., Necib L., Jiang F., Michael B-K., Wetzel A., et al., 2021 MNRAS, 506, 4421: Dissipative Dark Matter on FIRE: I. Structural and kinematicproperties of dwarf galaxies [link]

  • Green S., van den Bosch F., Jiang F., 2021, MNRAS,503,4075: The tidal evolution of dark matter substructure – II. Assessing the impact of artificial disruption [link]

  • Jiang F.*, Dekel A., Freundlich J., van den Bosch F. C., Green S. B., Hopkins P. F., Benson A., Du X., 2021, MNRAS, 502, 621: SatGen: a semi-analytical satellite galaxy generator – I. The model and its application to Local-Group satellite statistics [link]

  • Freundlich J., Jiang F., Dekel A., Cornuault N., Ginzburg O., Koskas R., Lapiner S. Dutton A. A., Macciò A. V., 2020, MNRAS, 499, 2912: The Dekel-Zhao profile: a mass-dependent dark-matter density profile with flexible inner slope and analytic potential, velocity dispersion, and lensing properties [link]

  • Dekel A., Lapiner S., Ginzburg O., Freundlich J., Jiang F., Lin D., Ceverino D., Primack J., Giavalisco M., Ji Z., 2020, MNRAS: Origin of Star-Forming Rings around Massive Centres in Massive Galaxies at z<4 (arXiv:2003.08984) [link

  • Dekel A., Ginzburg O., Jiang F., Freundlich J., Lapiner S., Ceverino D., Primack J.R., 2020, MNRAS, 493, 4126: A Mass Threshold for Galactic Gas Discs by spin flips [link]

  • Zhu C. et al. (including Jiang F.), 2019, ApJ, 897, 102: Quenching as a Contest between Galaxy Halos and their Central Black Holes [link]

  • Lin L., Faber S. M., Koo D. C., Salim S., Dutton A. A., Fang J. J., Jiang F., Lee C. T. et al., ApJ, 899, 93: The SFR-radius connection: data and implications for wind strength and halo concentration [link]

  • Dekel A., Kartick S., Jiang F., Bournaud F., Krumholz M., 2019, MNRAS, 488, 4753: The global star-formation law by supernova feedback [link]

  • Freundlich J., Dekel A., Jiang F. et al. 2020, MNRAS, 491, 4523: A model for core formation in dark matter haloes and ultra-diffuse galaxies by outflow episodes [link]

  • Jiang F.*, Dekel A., Freundlich J., Dutton A., Macciò A., et al., 2019, MNRAS, 487, 5272: Formation of ultra diffuse galaxies in the field and in galaxy groups [link]

  • Jiang F.*, Dekel A., Kneller O., Lapiner S., Ceverino D., Primack J., Faber S., et al. 2019, MNRAS, 488, 4801: Is the dark-matter halo spin a predictor of galaxy spin and size? [link]

  • Campbell D., van den Bosch F., C.; Padmanabhan N., Mao Y., Zentner A. R., Lange J. U., Jiang F., Villarreal A, 2018, MNRAS, 477, 359: The galaxy clustering crisis in abundance matching [link]

  • Jiang F.* & van den Bosch F.C., 2017, MNRAS, 472, 657:  Statistics of Dark Matter Substructure: III. Halo-to-Halo Variance [link]

  • Natarajan P., Chadayammuri U., Jauzac M., Richard J., Kneib J.-P., Ebeling H., Jiang F., van den Bosch F.C., et al., 2017, MNRAS, 468,1962: Mapping substructure in the HST Frontier Fields cluster lenses and in cosmological simulations [link]

  • van den Bosch F.C., Jiang F., Campbell D., Behroozi P., 2016, MNRAS, 455, 158: On the Segregation of Dark Matter Substructure [link]

  • Jiang F.* & van den Bosch F.C., 2015, MNRAS, 453, 3575: Comprehensive Assessment of the Too-Big-to-Fail Problem [link]

  • van den Bosch F.C. & Jiang F., 2016, MNRAS, 458, 2870: Statistics of Dark Matter Substructure: II. Comparison of Model with Simulation Results [link]

  • Jiang F.* & van den Bosch F.C., 2016, MNRAS, 458, 2848: Statistics of Dark Matter Substructure: I. Model and Universal Fitting Functions [link]

  • van den Bosch F.C., Jiang F., Hearin A.P., Campbell D., Padmanabhan N., Watson D.F., 2014, MNRAS, 445, 1713: Coming of age in the dark sector: how dark matter halos grow their gravitational potential wells [link]

  • Jiang F.* & van den Bosch F.C., 2014, MNRAS, 440, 193: Generating merger trees for dark matter halos: a comparison of methods [link]

  • Jiang F.*, van Dokkum P., Bezanson R., Franx M., 2012, ApJL, 749, L10: A Nearby Analog of z 2 Compact Quiescent Galaxies with a Rotating Disk [link]

  • Jiang F.*, Huang S., Gu Q., 2011, RAA, 11, 309: Surface photometry and radial color gradients of nearby luminous early-type galaxies in SDSS Stripe 82 [link]


  • 14/09/2021 Seminar, University of Missouri (invited talk)

  • 14/01/2021 Seminar, KIAA, Peking University (invited talk)

  • 11/01/2021 Seminar, Shanghai Jiaotong University (invited talk)

  • 19/12/2020 Qizhen Forum, Zhejiang University (invited talk)

  • 07/06/2020 GalRead Seminar, Princeton (invited talk)

  • ​03/10/2020 Remote Colloquium, IPMU, Tokyo​ (invited talk)

  • 02/20/2020 Theory-Thursday Seminar, Carnegie Observatories

  • 10/30/2019 Galaxy Formation Seminar, Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanjing, China (Invited Talk)

  • 10/23/2019 Galaxy Angular Momentum Alignment, TD Lee Institute, Shanghai, China (Invited Talk)

  • 06/28/2019 Feedback2019, Spetses, Greece

  • 06/25/2019 Feedback2019, Spetses, Greece

  • 06/13/2019 Seminar, IAP, Paris

  • ??/??/2019 Colloquium, Tel Aviv Uiversity (Invited Talk)

  • ??/??/2019 Seminar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • ??/??/2019 Seminar, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

  • ??/??/2019 Workshop, Dali, China (Invited Talk)

  • 10/24/2018 CANDELS meeting, UMass

  • 10/12/2018 Galaxy Formation Seminar, CCA, Flatiron Institute

  • 10/092018 ITC Seminar, Harvard

  • 08/15/2018 Lorentz Center, Leiden (Invited Talk)

  • 08/06/2018 Workshop, Santa Cruz

  • ??/??/2018 Seminar, Ben Gurion University (Invited Talk)

  • 01/03/2018 Seminar, Technion (Invited Talk)

  • 05/18/2017 Workshop, Santa Barbara

  • 08/10/2016 Workshop, Santa Cruz

  • 04/05/2016 Workshop, Lorentz Center, Leiden

  • 09/24/2015 Seminar, Brown

  • 06/01/2014 Computational astrophysics group meeting, National Astronomical Observatories, China

  • 05/29/2014, Seminar, Purple Mountain Observatory, China

  • 05/23/2014 Workshop, Xi'an

  • 06/06/2012 Seminar, Nanjing University

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